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What’s that? You need a fence contractor in Bridge Port? Well lucky for you – you landed on the right page. We are the best fence contractors in Bridge Port. Our professionals are highly experienced, so you can trust us for impeccable service and great results. Don’t just take our word for it. Speak to the many residents of our beloved city.

We get it. You want the best fence installer in the city. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you hired an amazing group of professional fencing specialists to service your home or building.  We’ve been in business for a LONG time and if it’s one thing we can guarantee – it’s your 100% satisfaction at an affordable price that will have you smiling from ear to ear. We believe in delivering high-quality work, and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.

We like to go above, beyond, and a few feet extra to prove to you that we are infact the number one fence care experts in the Fairfield area. We know what you want – A beautiful fence that allows your pets to frolic freely in your yard and feel safe. You want a fence that can protect your privacy. Let the number one fence installation contractors in Bridgeport and Fairfield ease your worries. We guarantee that we will leave you not just “satisfied” but downright ELATED with how quickly we book you an appointment and get to work.

So let’s break this down – How quickly can we get you a beautiful fence that service all of your needs and keeps in mind all your concerns? Well, you can fill out this form to right and we can call you back as soon as we’re freed up OR you can just give us a ring!

You: “Hey, my old fence ain’t doing it for me no more! Get me a fence that signify’s my worth and gives me back my peace of mind!

BFC: ” We thought you’d never ask! We’ll be over there before you have time to make us lemonade. Just give us your address!”

We get an address from you. And speed over with a big fat grown man Boy Scout smile on our face. You stand in awe at how fast  we throw down an estimate for you further assuring you that we are the right fence builders for the job.

You accept our quote. And we get to work!

It really IS that simple! at Bridgeport Fence Company we are happy to offer services for both commercial and residential customers. So give us a call now and schedule your on-site consultation and see how soon you can start enjoying a new fence. Let’s get you back the peace of mind that only the best fence company in Bridgeport can provide!
Check Out the Services We Offer at Bridgeport Fence Company Below!

Wood Fence
We provide wooden fences in various selections and styles. We can make custom wood crafted fencing to go with the vibe of your property. For support, we install metal posts placed in concrete but we can also use wooden posts depending on your budget and desires. Cedar Wood fences are usually some of the most durable fences around and are highly recommended. A stained finish is also recommended as it provides a more beautiful aesthetic  and also protects the wood making it last that much longer.

Aluminum Fence
We all want a backyard that makes even the nicest of neighbors jealous. Aluminum fences give you a beautiful frame that safeguards your property. An advantage of these types of fences are that there are a LOT of designs to pick from. We have a catalog you can sift through to select the type of aluminum fence most desired. Aluminum fences have the look of an iron fence but are corrosion resistant along with being weather proof. This makes them a great chose for durability. No wonder these are the quickest growing fences across the nation.

Vinyl Fence
These fences are great visual barriers and provide the utmost security for your home. They’re available in many different decors and a wide variety of colors for aesthetic satisfaction. The advantages of the vinyl fence is that they last even longer than some of the standard fences but they will cost a little more money upfront. If you’re searching for some of the best material for your fencing project, consider the vinyl fence. These fences are five times stronger than wooden fences due to their added thickness. They’re also waterproof and can endure everything from fungus, termites, bacteria. Picking vinyl is a good all around choice.

Chain Link Fence
A chain link fence is ideal when needing to cover a lot of ground and keeping a large area secure. We usually see them at baseball fields, county fairs, and other large community gatherings. Although green and black are the most common colors used on chain link fences, other colors are offered as well. These fences have to be constructed with very resilent materials as that is the primary focus. The installation process must be even more thorough in order to ensure strength and durability. The advantage of these fences are that they’re quick to install and considerably cheaper than some of the other fencing options.

Wrought Iron Fence
These fences are low carbon iron alloys that are very strong yet malleable making them an ideal choice for shaping. These types of fences are both long lasting as well as strong. They will last for many years, and never dry out, warp or deteriorate. They have great visibility as they have thin rails that allow the backdrop to be the primary focus. It’s also the most elegant fencing material and can be customized to be as ornate or simple as your choosing.


There is no unproductive time with us. We give you the estimate. You are in awe of how affordable we are. We schedule the job for a time that works best for you and get cracking on the case. We do not like to give unrealistic expectations. We lay out the timeline of what to expect completion of your fence project and stick to it to the best of our availability. We value your business and respect that you chose us as your fence contractor. We care about our reputation and want to be known as THE BEST FENCE COMPANY in Bridgeport hands down. For this reason, we do not waste your time nor ours. We locate our target and get working!

It’s important to pick the right fence installer for your specific needs. We pride ourselves in knowing more about fencing than any other local fence contractor. We’ve been installing fences practically since we learned to walk. All our staff are professionally certified and insured and have been trained for all the equipment they must utilize in order to complete a fencing project. There is yet to be a customer we have served that has not been downright overjoyed through our services. That’s right. We have had a 100 percent success rate to date and do not plan on that changing anytime soon. We credit our veteran experience in all things fencing to this of course. Whether you have a small, mid-size, or gargantuan project for us – we’ve seen it all and welcome the challenge. 

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Seriously though – We’ve been in business for a LONG time – giving us the right skill-sets to handle absolutely ANY fencing issue that you might have. We’ve become accustomed to the snow days, the sunny days and have plowed through 12 hour days working in the mid-afternoon sun over and over again. No job is too rigorous or troublesome for the experience we’ve come to obtain!

We’ve come to establish ourselves as the fence company that is not just on time, but before time. Add one more thing that separates us from all the other local fence companies around Bridgeport. Honestly, we are just constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience – And punctuality is another way to do that. It’s another way for us to thank you for your wonderful business. We take into account the traffic when we tell you what time we will be over for the job – that’s never an excuse to not be available to you at the time specified. In our heads, if we’re not at your place at least five minutes before scheduled, were running late. We are so focused on time that we have actually made it into a full fledged commandment of success – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!


What are the exact services you offer?
We offer fencing services – Wood, Vinyl,Chain-Link, Aluminum, Wrought Iron and more. We also repair broken, rusted, or old fences that might pose a threat. We care about the environment and always recycle our waste.

What areas in Bridgeport do you serve?

What’s this going to cost me?
As this is a service based business – that will depend on the length and width and of course the type of fence that is being installed or repaired. We will come out and examine the job at hand and come up with an accurate estimate for your fencing needs. No hidden fees EVER. That is our promise to you. The price we decide has been prepared after careful assessment of the workload.

Do you offer guarantees against damages?
Yes. Safety is our number one priority and although we have never had an accident on our hands – we hold ourselves liable for any damage to you or your property while we service you. We will go over our liability policy with you when we come out to give you an estimate.

I could use your service! Let’s do this! What’s next?
Give us a ring at 203-303-9235 to set up a date and time for us to come over and give you an estimate! You can also reach us by email by scrolling to the top of the page and filling out the form on the right hand side. We are open seven days of the week at all hours for your convenience. We offer fence installation services for residential, commercial, apartment complex, and any other building you can think of! We got your back. And your yard! And if you like the way way we communicate, check out or blog to keep up to date with tree care solutions! We are in the process of having a team that blogs constantly about the latest in tree removal, tree trimming and more!