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How quick can we tackle your fence problem? Can you say lighting speed? 

We’re quick, professional, and experienced in all things fencing. Whether you need a humongous project or a small one – or if its wood fencing or vinyl – we got your back! And your yard 😉

Give us a ring and become one of our many satisfied customers to date! Read on below to see why we’re called the number one fencing company in all of Bridgeport and fairfield!

Check Out the Services We Offer at Bridgeport Fence Company Below!

Custom Fence Build
There you are, sucking down your cup of morning joe when you notice your fence is leaning over and falling apart. You call a fence guy to pitch you a quote, and he says that he can’t do it. When you ask him why he says he only installs cheap wood fences from lumber he gets from the hardware store. When you need vinyl, wrought iron, or other fencing products, most local Bridgeport, CT contractors stay next to useless. Instead, we continue providing complete fencing solutions for less without the hassle. Just tell us what type of fence you need and where, and BAM, you have a new barrier that looks great and lasts for years. At Bridgeport Fence Company offers you a custom fence will look signifi­cantly better than a prefab fence, it will enhance your property value, and last for decades.

Whenever your yard’s fencing starts looking rough, just pick up the phone and call us. See why we’re still the number one choice for complete fencing services. We know many local homeowners out there like to show off how handy you can be by trying to take on your fence job by yourself. However, why wouldn’t you hire someone who was born with a hammer in his hand that stays prepared to install your new fence?

We’ve been helping out more of our neighbors throughout the city for longer than we care to admit, and we always leave our customers feeling 100% satisfied with the results. No matter what materials or size of your job, we guarantee the best-finished quality possible for them all.
Why risk uneven slats and loose posts when we leave you fully protected for less? Choose our experts for your home and experience the best for:

  • Durable Vinyl Fencing
  • Classic Wood Fence
  • Wrought Iron Fences
  • Hardy Aluminum Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Outdoor Handrail Installation
  • And so much more!

Whatever you need to tie your backyard together or keep the wildlife out, we’re here to help. Call today and replace your old fence with one that you’ll love for longer.

Vinyl Fence Build
If you’re thinking about a new fence, consider this: Vinyl fences last practically forever with no maintenance whatsoever. They won’t fade or rot or need paint. Vinyl fences come either panelized or as board-and-rail systems.  Vinyl fencing is a plastic-based product that it remains both lightweight and durable. Don’t let the appearance fool you – these fencing products can take a real beating every day. Many homeowners prefer vinyl products over wood because they cost about the same amount of money. However, with vinyl, there’s no risk of getting a splinter, and they stay easier to clean and maintain. 

Every few months, simply hose them off with exterior detergent, and they’ll look good as new. There is no need to touch them up with paint, and there are no rusty nails to contend with as they mostly snap together in place. As the best vinyl fence provider, your products stay naturally resistant to fire, pests, mold and mildew, and other common unpleasant sights. Contact us for your new vinyl fence today.

Wood Fence
Installing a wood fence can add more privacy to your home and improve its look.Timeless and traditional, wood fence remains one of the most popular type with today’s homeowners. It’s hard to beat a traditional, high-quality wood fence. We use pressure treated lumber that stays resistant to mold and mildew spores and can take a pretty substantial impact over a long, useful service life. The right wood fence can last for years with little maintenance required. Most homeowners just need to give it a fresh coat of paint in the spring, as well as occasional pressure washing.

Unlike other products, wood can get painted any color you’d like, or whichever shades your homeowner’s association approves.  Even if you want to change its color later, it doesn’t take much effort to swap it out. See why our team stays the trusted name for wood fence installation Bridgeport services. Call now for your best choice in yard protection.

Wrought Iron Fence
Few products create that “WOW!” factor like wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron provides a level of durability that can’t get matched by any other material choices. Wrought iron is ductile, meaning that the metal can be shaped into a wide variety of artistic fence designs. This type of fence is a proud design feature, not just a boundary marker. It is also perfect for beautifying any landscape and is proven to increase the property value of your home. Wrought iron fencing gets made from iron bars twisted into ornamental forms, giving your home superior defense and an updated curb appeal. Although one of the more expensive options for your yard, your wrought iron installation can last upwards of 60 years, offering an attractive return on this investment.

Like with any product, you will need to occasionally clean and paint your posts to keep them protected from the elements. However, with the right upkeep and care, your system will last a lifetime, and then some. When homeowners need a durable and long-lasting product, they know that we’re still the best wrought iron fence company Bridgeport has to offer. Call us now and request your estimate today.

Aluminum Fence
Say your yard stays hilly and uneven, but you need a fence. Most options aren’t going to work, because they need an even surface to connect. What you need is a local aluminum fence company Bridgeport provider. Aluminum is light, sturdy, and can adapt to any grade of lawn.

Aluminum fencing is also an ideal choice around swimming pools or along sidewalks for their appearance and usefulness. Whatever application you need, aluminum is likely a top consideration. When you need to know that your posts will last, aluminum is often the way to go. Call now for your quote for aluminum fencing.

Chain Link Fence
Chain link fences may not remain the most aesthetically pleasing option, but boy, do they get the job done. Whether you have outdoor storage or security concerns, it’s tough to get past.

Sure, in the movies, you see someone with a pair of cutters hoping underneath. In real life, though, it’s more likely to scratch you up. Chain link is ideal for outdoor pets, as well as carports, and more. Call today for the best chain link fence installation Bridgeport services.

We offers quality railings and excellent customer service within Bridgeport and nearby areas. We can make your deck and patio railings out of the same materials we use for fencing. Whether you need a new set or update existing ones, we offer the best solutions around. Why continue staying at risk from just not having a railing? Keep your family safer by calling Bridgeport Fence Company for your handrails.